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Note that we do not post all engagements on this website.  For further information contact our head office directly.

NextBlock Global Limited (“NextBlock” or the “Company”) is a provincially (Ontario) incorporated corporation which raises capital and invests into the purchase of tokens trading on exchanges (including digital currencies such as Bitcoin), and tokens issued by early-stage blockchain projects, platforms or companies. 

Upon the application of the Company made to the Ontario Superior Court of Justice [Commercial List] (the “Court”) on December 4, 2017 the Court ordered pursuant to section 207 of the Business Corporations Act, R.S.O. 1990, c. B-16, as amended (the “Order”), among other things, for the winding-up of the Company pursuant to the Plan (defined in the Order) and that Albert Gelman Inc. be appointed to monitor the Company during these proceeding in accordance with the provisions of the Order.  

Please direct inquiries to:

 Albert Gelman Inc., Court-Appointed Monitor of NextBlock Global Limited
100 Simcoe Street, Suite 125
Toronto, Ontario M5H 3G2
Attention: Tom McElroy
Tel. 416.504.1650 Ext 117
Fax. 416-504-1655
Email: tmcelroy@albertgelman.com
Phone: 1.855.654.1650
Fax: 1.416.504.1655

Head Office 100 Simcoe Street, Suite 125 Toronto, Ontario M5H 3G2