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Our team is committed to your financial success

Our team offers the most effective financial consultants, insolvency trustees and chartered accountants in the industry who can provide solutions to just about any debt problem.

At Albert Gelman Inc. we understand that each individual’s personal and financial situation is unique, so we offer programs and solutions that provide realistic solutions to deal with debt. However, before we present our partners with a solution we consider the family, employment, credit, and long term financial goals so that the solution presented is personalized the best one for each individual situation.

No problem is too big! We have the experience and “know how” that gets results.

Our Principals are federally licensed and recognized by the Canadian Courts to accept appointments under the insolvency and reorganization statutes of Canada, including the Companies Creditors Arrangement Act, Courts of Justice Act and Bankruptcy and Insolvency Act.

We also are recognized to accept appointments under the Construction Lien Act, Business Corporations Act, and Fraudulent Conveyances Act in matters involving liens, shareholder dispute, corporate wind-ups and forensic investigations.

With Albert Gelman Inc. on your side you receive the highest level of professional advice available and a team that will stand by your side and set you back on track.