Mahmood Shafique

Mahmood Shafique

Senior Associate


(416) 504-1650, ext 200


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Mahmood has more than 14 years of expertise with both individual and business insolvencies. He is an expert in providing financial advice, helping clients manage their debt and create budgets while consistently negotiating the greatest settlement offers from creditors.

With his strong interpersonal and communication abilities and in-depth knowledge of regulatory compliance, he has continued to have a major influence on the financial sector. His skill and empathy in managing delicate matters highlight his commitment to his clients’ success.

Mahmood has presented in different community services and Churches to educate people on budgeting and money management.

He is an accomplished professional with a strong foundation in insolvency, distinguished by a special fusion of financial savvy, entrepreneurial spirit, and client-centered orientation. He stands out in the industry because of his dedication to lifelong learning and professional development, which guarantees that his clients receive the best possible support and direction.


(416) 504-1650, ext 200