Are you a self-employed lawyer, doctor or dentist? Are you behind on paying your income taxes or HST?

Are you a self-employed lawyer, doctor or dentist? Are you behind on paying your income taxes or HST?

Self-employed lawyers, doctors, dentists and other professionals can benefit from consulting a Restructuring Professional such as a Trustee in Bankruptcy!

Self-employed individuals find themselves in financial trouble for many different reasons. Slopes in the economy, poor judgment calls, not paying income taxes, not remitting HST, the list goes on.

We have proven track record for assisting self-employed professionals and other individuals reduce their debt, particularly with the Canada Revenue Agency.

It is not uncommon for self-employed professionals to seek the advice of a licensed professional such as a Restructuring Professional or a Trustee in Bankruptcy. A Trustee provides an independent objective view of the issues at hand and the options on how to assist individuals to resolve their financial trouble.

As a self-employed professional, you can reduce your income tax and HST debt through the filing of a Proposal to your creditors!

The key to a successful proposal, particularly when the Canada Revenue Agency is a significant creditor, is that you make full disclosure and present your creditors with an offer to settle your debt that is greater than what they would receive if you were to go bankrupt. Therefore, it is imperative that you consult with a Proposal Trustee who is licensed to prepare this calculation on your behalf and to advise your creditors of the advantages of accepting the Proposal.

People always ask us if they can reduce their income tax and HST debts through a proposal to their creditors. The answer is YES!

At Albert Gelman Inc., we have many individuals and corporations that have filed Proposals which include CRA as a significant creditor. CRA will agree to reduce income tax and HST debt. We have MANY cases where settlements have been reached with no need for bankruptcy.

In addition to providing solutions for self employed lawyers, doctors, dentists and other self employed individuals, the firm of Albert Gelman Inc. also assists corporations who are struggling with too much debt. For more information on the corporate solutions give us a call today at 416-504-1650 ext 115.

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