Debt Settlements

CRA’s Collection Push is Here

The Canadian Revenue Agency (CRA) has made it clear that they plan to get much better at collecting outstanding tax debts over the next 5 years, which means Canadians who aren’t current or compliant with their tax payments need to be on notice.  But with that said,...

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CRA Assessments: A Tough Negotiation

A common feeling amongst many professionals, business owners, and self-employed individuals is the nervous sensation that accompanies any type of letter from the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA).  Generally speaking, it doesn’t matter what the letter says, nervousness...

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Tax Evasion: A CRA Focus

Over the course of several months I have taken the opportunity this blog provides to explain some of the Canadian Revenue Agency (CRA) activities being undertaken to reduce Canadian tax evasion and ensure that everybody is paying their fair share to the Government. ...

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