Substitute Trustee Of Deceased Estate And Family Trust

When the Trustee of an Estate or Family Trust is, or becomes, unfit or no longer capable to act impartially or in the best interests of the beneficiaries, it may become necessary to replace the Trustee.

Such a situation can arise where the Trust includes complex business interests, real estate investments and/or legal proceedings; all beyond the experience and capability of the existing Trustee.  A similar situation can also arise where a conflict of interest develops between the existing Trustee and the Trust or Estate.

The Principals of Albert Gelman Inc. would make a capable, experienced, and impartial Substitute Trustee.  Both Joe Albert and Bryan Gelman are competent business people and have managed many complex situations like those mentioned above.  Both Principals have in-depth experience monitoring and managing businesses affairs across a broad spectrum of industries and have significant experience in complex litigation.

Contact either Joe Albert or Bryan Gelman for more information